Whitworths ‘Gloriously Grown’ launching on 14th August in Sainsbury’s.

Whitworths is set to launch five products across a range of exclusively sourced products, under the new brand called ‘Gloriously Grown’.

The new stand-alone brand will be launching exclusively in Sainsbury’s on 14th August 2019 . The lead product in the range is California Red Walnuts and Sorbet Raisins, also sourced from California – with the California Walnut Commission (CWC) assisting the buying team in locating walnut producers. The launch will take place across mainstream and digital media, the newly updated California Walnuts website and social media channels.

As part of the CWC’s retail promotional program, promotional activity in 350 Sainsbury’s stores will take place to drive additional traffic to the new Whitworths-California Walnut SKUs.

More conventional products, featuring California Walnuts, are also being promoted with UK retailers, both in retail own brand products and in branded packs.

CWC Spring/summer 2019 update

To read a roundup of the recent CWC activity in 2019, see the spring and early summer newsletter here: https://californiawalnuts.co.uk/trade-news/

For further information, please contact the California Walnut Commission on 01628 535 755 or via email at trade@californiawalnuts.co.uk.

Download a PDF copy of the release – here