Power your diet with plants

It’s no secret that including more plants in your diet has multiple health benefits, and this month, the UK celebrated the first ever national Plant Power Day, which has left us feeling inspired!

There are lots of ways to eat more plants beyond green side salads and roasted veggies. Fruit, veg, wholegrains, beans, pulses and nuts are at the heart of plant-based eating, and snacking on a handful of California walnuts every day is an easy way to crack wellness. Why? It’s simple really. They’re rich in unsaturated fats, naturally low in sugar and salt and a source of dietary fibre. What’s more, they’re full of vitamins and minerals and taste delicious.

Here are some of our favourite ways to eat more plants:

1. Embrace plant-powered baking

Carrot cakes, apple pies and Pavlovas are just a few popular ways you can enjoy a dessert whilst still eating plants, but the possibilities are endless. Add beetroot to brownies for a delicious moist bake or replace flour with blitzed-up California walnuts. The proof is in the pudding, or Flourless Walnut Cake to be precise!

2. Pimp your pizza

More veggies AND you get to eat pizza? Yes please. Embrace cauliflower and pimp your pizza by making a cauliflower pizza base. Blitz up a head of cauli and combine with eggs and herbs, roll out and cover with your favourite toppings. Trust us, it tastes so good you won’t even notice it’s not ‘real’ pizza. Don’t forget to sprinkle with California walnuts and toast in the oven for the perfect finish.

3. Delicious drinks

Drinking your plants is an easy way to make sure you’re hitting that all important five-a-day. Juices and smoothies have become a household staple, but it doesn’t have to stop there. It’s really easy to whip up your own nut-based drinks to use in porridge, cereal and coffee – our Walnut Drink will help you start the day the right way.

4. Convenience is key

Stock up on frozen fruit and veg to avoid opening a depleted veggie drawer packed with out-of-date onions and nothing else – we’ve all been there…Full of nutrients and easy to prepare, frozen veg will last months and ensure you’ve got plants available for every meal. Perfect for stir-fries, smoothies and soups.

5. Add a bit of crunch

Good food is all about texture and crunch is key to keeping our taste buds satisfied. Try swapping your taco shells with crisp lettuce, croutons with beansprouts or breadcrumbs with crushed nuts. For a bit of inspo, try our delicious Plaice Goujons with a Walnut Crust – the ultimate crowd pleaser.