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5th November 2019Like

Delicious recipes from Ruby Bhogal

Delicious recipes from Ruby Bhogal We’re delighted to announce we have teamed up with 2018 Great British Bake-Off finalist, Ruby Bhogal, to share two exclusive recipes using California Walnuts. Featuring a lip-smacking lunch recipe and a delicious dessert, these dishes are guaranteed to impress! “California Walnuts are one ingredient I always make sure I have to hand. I keep them
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1st November 2019Like

From Tree to Table: Behind the Scenes at the California Walnuts 2019 Harvest

From Tree to Table: Behind the Scenes at the California Walnuts 2019 Harvest Walnuts were first cultivated in California over 230 years ago and today California is the second largest producer of walnuts in the world. The majority of walnuts are grown in the Central Valley area, where the mild climate and deep fertile soils give the nuts their exceptional
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8th October 2019Like

Ready, Steady, Bake!

Ready, Steady, Bake! If like us you’ve been inspired by The Great British Bake Off, then you’ll love our round-up of delicious bakes, guaranteed to impress your friends and test your home-baking skills. The mild, creamy, sweet flavour of California Walnuts make them an excellent choice for a variety of sweet and savoury dishes but when it comes to baking,
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4th October 2019Like

How to Eat for Your Age with award-winning dietitian Sian Porter

How to Eat for Your Age with award-winning dietitian Sian Porter Making the right food choices is important regardless of your age. Enjoying your food and eating well as part of a healthy lifestyle will improve your health, wellbeing, and quality of life at any age but, as you age, your dietary requirements will change. Vitamin D, fruit and vegetables,
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Orzo Salad
12th September 2019Like

5 seasonal recipes to make this Autumn

5 Seasonal Recipes To Make This Autumn Summer may be over, but all is not lost as now’s the perfect time to enjoy the delicious autumnal flavours of pumpkin, butternut squash, figs, plums and walnuts. We know walnuts are readily available all year round but did you know… California Walnut harvesting is in full flow in the autumn where fresh
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21st August 2019Like

5 Holiday Habits to Bring Home, from Dietitian Sian Porter

5 Holiday Habits to Bring Home, from Dietitian Sian Porter Holiday habits to add to your daily routine once you land back in the UK! Without the restraints of work and school, time spent on holiday allows us the freedom to get outside, spend quality time with friends and family and try new and exciting foods. Many of us jet
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Pancetta, California Walnut & Mozzarella
1st August 2019Like

5 Ways To Boost Your Summer Salads

5 Ways to Boost your Summer Salad From great grains to meaty meals, , who said salads were boring? They certainly don’t need to be, especially when they have the added texture and flavour of California Walnuts! But if you’re not sure where to begin and are in need of some inspiration to impress your friends, family and work colleagues,
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29th July 2019Like

Five of Your Favourite Health Foods You’ve Probably Been Storing Wrong

Five of Your Favourite Health Foods You’ve Probably Been Storing Wrong Storing food correctly not only helps maintain its flavour and nutrition, but also contributes to the battle against food waste – which currently sees us throw away over 7 million tonnes of food a year.1 Sometimes, it can be tricky to know which foods should be kept in the
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13th May 2019Like

4 Quick and Easy Vegetarian Summer Recipes

Falafel Buddha Bowl 4 Quick and Easy Vegetarian Summer Recipes With warmer weather on the horizon, it’s the perfect time to enjoy simple and speedy dishes bursting with fresh and seasonal flavours and these four vegetarian recipes fit the bill. Each also includes walnuts – a great choice for veggies due the fact they are the only tree nut to
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12th April 2019Like

Crack plant-based eating with California walnuts and MOB Kitchen

Crack plant-based eating with California walnuts and MOB Kitchen To help you say ta-ta to takeaways and crack plant-based eating, we’ve partnered with the ultimate foodies, MOB Kitchen, to launch #WellnessWednesdays – the happiest of hump days. On #WellnessWednesdays, delicious and healthy plant-based eating doesn’t have to be complex or expensive. And we’re here to prove it. MOB Kitchen’s California
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12th April 2019Like

The Boy Who Bakes with California Walnuts

Bid farewell to the bake off blues with California walnuts We don’t know about you, but as we bid farewell to another series of The Great British Bake Off, we’ve got a serious case of the bake off blues. Fear not as we’ve teamed up with Season One’s winner Edd Kimber (also known as The Boy Who Bakes) to give
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12th April 2019Like

Plant-Based Eating

Power your diet with plants It’s no secret that including more plants in your diet has multiple health benefits, and this month, the UK celebrated the first ever national Plant Power Day, which has left us feeling inspired! There are lots of ways to eat more plants beyond green side salads and roasted veggies. Fruit, veg, wholegrains, beans, pulses and
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12th April 2019Like

Outdoor Eating

Alfresco Dining, Cali Style With warm weather on the horizon, alfresco dining is finally a possibility with blissful evenings spent barbecuing, whilst socialising with friends and family in the great outdoors. If this sounds familiar, but you’ve got niggling worries about hosting the perfect sunshine soirée, read on as we’ve created the ultimate crowd-pleasing outdoor feast (with minimal effort required!)
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22nd March 2019Like

Foods rich in omega-3s

Eat your way to a healthy heart We don’t have to tell you how important it is to look after your heart. Or that making heart-friendly food choices is one of the easiest ways to help you do it. The good news is, walnuts pack a real punch when it comes to keeping your ticker on track. Straight from the
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22nd March 20191

Living the Cali-dream

Turn California dreaming into California living Whether it’s cruising the coastline, chasing the sun, or snacking on naturally wholesome nibbles, there are plenty of ways you can turn California dreaming into California living. Check out our five top tips below to kick-start living life in Cali-style… King of the road: Road trips were practically invented in California. Whilst we don’t
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12th February 2019Like

Valentine’s Day Feast

Go nuts for this Valentine’s Day feast If there’s ever an occasion to prepare a three-course extravaganza for your significant other, first date or family, it’s a no-brainer that Valentine’s Day is the time. So, set the placemats, light a couple of candles and bring a spot of Californian sunshine to that cold Thursday evening. To start: Walnut, Goats’ Cheese
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1st January 2019Like

Healthy New Year

Five steps to help kick-start a healthy New Year As we wave goodbye to 2017, most of us are wanting to kick-start 2018 feeling healthy and happy. Looking for some top tips on how to achieve this? You’ve come to the right place… Eat more walnuts Naturally nutritious California walnuts are known for their light, creamy flavour. Not only are
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12th October 2018Like

Autumnal Eating with California Walnuts

Make the most of seasonal produce this autumn with California walnuts As the leaves start to fall and we welcome in the jumper wearing, conker cracking autumn season (or ‘fall’ as our Cali friends call it) it’s the perfect time to plan a cosy evening in. To help you make the most of delicious seasonal produce, we’ve put together a
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