Share The Power of 3!

We’re delighted to announce the launch of the second annual “Power of 3” global campaign.  Celebrations will take place across the globe, including in the USA, Germany, India, Japan, South Korea, Spain, Turkey, the Middle East as well as here in the United Kingdom.

The campaign builds on one of California Walnuts’ core benefits, as the only tree nut that is a rich source of plant-based omega-3 ALA (2.7g/ 30g). ALA is an essential nutrient needed by the human body that can only be provided through the diet and has been associated with benefits for heart health, brain health and healthy aging. As well as omega-3 ALA, one 30g portion of walnuts also contains 4.4g of protein, 1.4g of fibre[1] and ‘good’ polyunsaturated fats – making them a heart health powerhouse!

To support the campaign bloggers and food lovers in each country will be sharing new ways to incorporate California Walnuts into your everyday meals.

To help us #ShareThePowerof3 here in the UK, we’ve teamed up with Roxy and Ben from So Vegan to create a plant-based dish that uses California Walnuts as a plant-based meat substitute. The result… this delicious BBQ California Walnut ‘Meat’ Pizza.

Why not get involved and share your favourite walnut recipe on social too – don’t forget to use the campaign hashtag #ShareThePowerof3 so we can see your tasty creations!


[1] Food Standards Agency (2002), McCance & Widdowson’s The Composition of Foods, Seventh summary edition. Cambridge: Royal Society of Chemistry