Sorted Food’s Ultimate (Wal)nutty Recipes for California Walnuts

Last year we invited our friends at Sorted Food to join us in California to find out more about how our walnuts were grown.

When they got back they headed straight to the kitchen to work up some miracle dishes and we just had to share these with you! We promise, you won’t be disappointed!

For those looking for a flavoursome alternative to hummus, the California Walnut Muhammara Dip is the perfect choice. Hailing from Syria, Muhammara is a walnut and red pepper dip that can be served with lamb kofta’s, or simply with crudites and fresh bread.

The California Walnut and Mushroom Lasagne is a clever, vegetarian twist on the Italian classic. It not only contains walnuts, but also portobello mushrooms, chestnut mushrooms and spinach, ensuring every mouthful is packed full of goodness.

Or for those of you looking to take pudding to the next-level, the California Walnut Dessert is a must-try. Featuring layers of oat and walnut granola, walnut sponge cake and coffee Mascarpone mousse, enrobed in a chocolate and walnut coating – they are irresistible!

To learn more about California Walnuts and see the Sorted Food chefs in action, watch their special California Walnuts episode from their Sorted Food YouTube channel.

Recipes developed by Sorted Food. Photography by California Walnuts UK.