Espresso Nut Butter – Made with California Walnuts

The California Walnut Commission (CWC) supported BNUTZ to develop a product called ‘Espresso Nut Butter – Made with California Walnuts’.

In November 2018, Bianca Avory, founder of BNUTZ nut butters, visited the CWC at the Food Matters Live exhibition in London, expressing a desire to create a walnut based nut butter in 2019. BNUTZ enquired about the use of the California Walnut logo on the jar to both support the product and display country of origin.

In early 2019 the CWC logo was supplied to enable creative designs to be produced. During March to May trials of the product took place and the new jar label was created.

The new product launched in June 2019 offering the market ‘a high-quality product with great taste, smooth texture and consistency’.

BNUTZ use premium organic ingredients, ethically sourced and free from palm oil, preservatives and refined sugar. BNUTZ founder Bianca was keen to use California Walnuts as a base ingredient, for their health benefits and superior taste and texture. The nut butter has a rich dark chocolate taste with subtle caramel sweetness and creaminess from the California Walnuts, adding up to a truly unique flavour.

With UK consumers welcoming new flavours and ingredients, walnut-based products are seeing increasing success. More nut butters are using California Walnuts as an ingredient and awareness is rising among trade and consumers.

Founder, Bianca, commented “the promotional support that California Walnuts has provided so far has been tremendous. We have noticed an uplift in product sales both via our online shop and from retail enquiries looking to stock the new product”.

The new product, as pictured, has been featured in a number of CWC editorials during the year. The UK CWC team taste tested the new nut butter and gave a firm seal of approval – Nick Richardson commented on behalf of the CWC that ‘indeed it does offer great taste and smooth texture, with the essence of the CA Walnuts really coming through’.

To work with the UK CWC team to include California Walnuts in your product, please do make contact to discuss on