Wilton Wholefoods – loyal to California Walnuts with the CWC logo on pack

In April 2018, Wilton Wholefoods, an independent nut and dried fruit supplier, were approached by the California Walnut Commission (CWC) in the UK to explore putting the CWC logo on the Wilton pack and the commercial factors for getting the pack revised.

Managing Director Solomon (Sol) Rimer was positive from the outset to incorporate the California Walnuts logo with the existing Wilton branding, commenting that ‘Wilton regard California as the premium product offering a noticeable taste and texture difference with other origins’.
During the following months, after visual experiments with 3, 4 and 5 colour options, a version of the label was progressed during May with the CWC logo positioned centrally on the front of the Wilton pack.

Discussions continued with Sol throughout May 2018 to complete the project. In June, a co-promotion was arranged with Wilton Wholefoods who kindly agreed to support the UK Craft Bakers Association Conference and Exhibition, by donating 5kg of their new label California Walnuts for a delegate competition. (See the flyer artwork).
The new Wilton label with CWC logo was agreed during June, with a roll-out to stores expected on pack in early-mid July.

The Wilton-CWC logo on pack went live in mid July. Store visits were completed in Buckinghamshire during the week of the 19th July, these confirmed the launch of the new Wilton Wholefoods pack branding. The Wilton California Walnuts are now available in a range of retail sizes, with the 100g bag currently priced at £1.80* and the 250g at £4.29* [prices from The Fruit Market, Bourne End, Bucks].

The CWC logo on pack clear shows how Wilton value the contribution that the logo can offer. It demonstrates their commitment to CWC and how Wilton is willing to pledge their supply allegiance to California Walnuts.

MD Sol Rimer comments, ‘Wilton Wholefoods are delighted to commit to California Walnuts. Our inclusion of the CWC logo onto the front of our snacking pack range shows our loyalty to California. We sell our products as a premium line and as such need the premium walnuts. We believe the inclusion of the logo should help to increase sales across our customer base’.

The activity was expected to help generate in the region of 25 tonnes (MT) with a gate value in the region of $125,000 dollars.

In early 2019 Sol Rimmer reported that sales of their CA Walnuts (across the range of pack sizes) were up by an impressive 10%.