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Updated: 11/07/19

This web site is owned and operated by the California Walnut Commission (CWC) and California Walnut Board (CWB). We are committed to safe-guarding privacy on our web site. This policy may be updated as new technology of the Internet becomes available.

Our UK operations are managed by The Garden (Marketing & PR) Ltd

Our Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy now considers changes that shall be introduced on May 25, 2018 – the day that the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), an EU legal act created to enhance your privacy rights, comes into effect. For improved clarity and transparency, we have outlined a separate Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy to make them easier to read on our website. 

Our Privacy Policy contains detailed information on how we take care of your personal data. It explains what personal data we gather, how and why we process it, who we share it with, and our data retention policy, amongst other things. Our Cookie Policy explains what cookies are and why we use them.

• We do not share the information you give us with 3rd party organisations, other than our trusted media partners, Ceres PR and 2Heads Design, who manage selected activities on our behalf. In the unlikely event information is requested by law enforcement personnel we are required by law to disclose it.

• We may use the personal information you provide us to improve our marketing and promotional efforts; to statistically analyse website usage; and to improve our features and the content of our sites. You will never be opted into a service you did not request.

• We may also use your personal information to customise the content that our sites deliver to you. For example – on behalf of our clients, we may customise the recipes, product information and promotions we deliver to you based upon the information you have previously provided to us.

• Our site may include notices of competitions contests, sweepstakes or other promotions we are conducting, and we may permit you to participate electronically in some cases. If that occurs, we will use the information you provide for the purpose of conducting the promotion (e.g. to contact you if you are a winner).

• For the purposes of our future contact, as per your sign-up or request for information, your personal data will be transferred to our in-house database and mirrored on our third-party mailing system (Mail Chimp and/or other) and processed by us together with the support provided by Mail Chimp*. 

* Mail Chimp as our main processor of data will perform functions such as the collection (e.g., via sign-up forms) and storage of personal data. Mail Chimp will create and use distribution lists, send marketing email campaigns, and place online advertisements, and the may transfer personal data to certain Mail Chimp’s sub-processors (who, as described in the Mail Chimp Data Processing Agreement, perform some critical services, such as helping Mail Chimp prevent abuse and providing support). Please view our Mail Chimp Customer EU Data Processing Addendum – click here or to view the general Mail Chimp Privacy Policy – click here.

Cookie Policy

About This Message

You’re seeing this because you clicked on a page that uses cookies. Under a new EU Directive, effective 26 May 2012, site owners now need permission to use cookies. We are using this page to fully comply with that Directive.

The EU cookie law is a piece of privacy legislation that seeks to improve personal privacy on the internet. It was originally adopted by other EU countries in 2011, but the UK was given a year to comply after it updated its Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations, which brought the directive in to UK law.

The law now requires websites to gain consent from visitors to store or receive any information on a computer, or any other web-enabled device. The intent is to make you aware that we use cookies and to give you the option to control their use.

What is a Cookie?

Cookies are small files that contain information about particular websites you visit. Our cookie remembers the site, the time and date you last visited and any login information you may use. They also record any preferences you select while on the site.

The idea of the cookie is to enhance the browsing experience by taking care of all the little details for you when your revisit this site.

Sites that have advertising use them to allow rotation of adverts. They read the cookies, see where you have surfed and find adverts pertinent to your tastes.

How Do Cookies Affect My Browsing?

Up until now, cookies have been such an inherent part of web browsing that many sites depend on them. Refusing cookies can result is a loss of some functionality and some services on websites simply won’t work.

This isn’t blackmail to force you to accept cookies, it’s just how the web works.

We do not collect any private information through using cookies. We only use them to enhance your experience on this site and to remember your site preferences, nothing else!

You can find out about how we use cookies below. It will tell you what types of cookies we use and how they provide you with the services on the site.

You now have the choice whether or not to allow this website to use cookies. As mentioned, you should be aware that not using cookies may result a reduction of functionality and/or the loss of some site tools.

Google Analytics Cookies

Google Analytics is a website monitoring tool that allows users to see volumes of website visitors, their source, and to analyse how the content of their website is viewed and navigated. This in turn allows optimisation of the content and pages on the marketing programs that drive traffic to the website. Google Analytics does not store any personal information about website visitors, but does use persistent cookies to identify repeat visitors. You may universally opt-out of all Google Analytics tracking used by all websites by visiting the following url: