Craft Bakers Conference – 22nd to 23rd June 2018

The CWC attended the Craft Bakers Association (CBA) Conference and Exhibition in Manchester over the weekend of the 22-23rd June as a lead supporter. The CWC received a package which included:

  • Booth space in the exhibition/presentation hall
  • Product display space
  • Sponsorship of the coffee morning
  • Logo on all materials (including conference screens & co-branded flyer in the delegate bag)
  • Page advert within conference guide booklet
  • Competition form distributed to all delegate attendees (details below).

A hard back book was produced for the event, this brought together both California Walnuts and California Raisins with both individual and joint recipes. The aim of the book was to introduce the product (ingredient) and highlight to the bakers how the California origin can offer a unique mix of attributes to improve the products end result. Our focus remains firm on communicating Consistency, Flexibility, Versatility and Taste. [Sian, Insert the graphic here]

The CWC delegate competition provided an opportunity for all attendees to enter to win 5kg of California Walnuts. The competition also asked a series of questions to the bakers on their use of nuts in baking. The results:

  • 70% of the respondents selected Almonds as their top nut and walnuts coming second
  • 23% of bakers selected walnuts as their top nut for baking
  • 54% mainly use walnuts for Walnut bread and 46% for Walnut cake
  • The walnut baking usage ranged from 2kg to 1000kg per month!
  • 23% of the bakers currently do specify country of origin for their walnuts.