California Walnuts enhances website to support UK activity

The California Walnut Commission (CWC) has redesigned and enhanced the UK website

( to better provide valuable information and education to consumers, health care professionals and the trade.

The enhanced site, launched in June, has an expanded recipe collection and important tips on the best way to store walnuts for optimum freshness. There’s health and nutrition information including a plant-based eating guide, as well as valuable information about the California walnut industry that provides mild tasting, premium walnuts from our orchards to UK tables. There’s an opportunity to sign up for one of the California Walnuts UK newsletters to keep in the know about the latest recipes, scientific findings and other valuable information.

The CWC’s strategy is to increase awareness of California Walnuts and educate both the trade and consumers about their quality, consistency and year-round availability. Consumers can access the site to find inspiration through recipes on how to incorporate walnuts into their daily life. It’s also the “go to” source for the latest information on health and nutrition related to walnuts, including health research studies showing walnuts’ role as part of a healthy diet. Monthly updates with increased content will aim to stimulate user engagement. The trade section outlines activities offered to support various channels in increasing sales and utilization of walnuts, trade news and reports, case studies, information on how to contact California Walnut suppliers and the types of products offered, as well as how to contact the UK trade representatives for additional information.

To drive consumers, health care professionals and the trade to the website, press and social media activities will complement direct outreach to ensure further reach and engagement.

For further information, please contact the California Walnut Commission on 01628 535 755 or via email at

To download a PDF copy of the release – click here.