California Walnuts & Florida Grapefruit – fibre friendly fruit & nut

What do California Walnuts and Florida Grapefruit have in common?

  1. Firstly, of course, they are both lovingly grown in the USA.
  2. Secondly, they both taste fantastic
  3. And thirdly, they are both a great way to increase your fibre intake.

Fibre is something that as a nation we don’t eat enough of. Everyone over the age of sixteen years is recommended to eat 30g a day[i]  – most of us eat less than 2/3[ii] of that amount each day (about 20g).

So, we should all be on the lookout for simple ways to get more fibre into our diet – and fruit and nuts are a great place to start.

While walnuts may look small, they pack a nutritional punch – and that includes fibre. In fact, every handful (30g) of California Walnuts gives you 1.4 g of fibre. That’s 5% of your recommended daily amount.

Meanwhile, when you treat yourself to half a Florida Grapefruit for breakfast not only does it count as one of your ‘5 a day’ portions, you’ll benefit from 1.1g of fibre too.

All of which will help you move towards that 30g target.

Why do we need fibre?

Fibre, as part of a healthy balanced diet, plays an essential role in a healthy lifestyle and according to government health experts, can help maintain healthy cholesterol levels, support healthy digestion, and can help fill you up, and keep you feeling fuller for longer, which is a key to maintaining a healthy weight.[iii]

So make sure to try some fibre friendly meals with walnuts and grapefruit to help increase your intake.

Why not start with this halibut recipe created by chef Peter Sidwell, which has 4.5g of fibre per serving >>









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