Get set for Easter with these tasty recipes

Get set for Easter, no matter what its shape or size this year, with these tasty recipe ideas.

The unique taste and texture of California Walnuts means they can be used to add crunch, sweetness, colour and more, to sweet and savoury recipes.

From mouth-watering Roasted Lamb with California Walnut Salsa, to an impressive side of Cajun Glazed Carrots, or a show-stopping California Walnut & Strawberry Pavlova, celebrate the big day in style with one of these delicious dishes.


Roasted Lamb with California Walnut Salsa

This meal truly celebrates spring flavours, combining deliciously spiced succulent lamb leg with a refreshing walnut salsa. Perfect for Easter, this dish is sure to please every appetite in the family.


Cajun Glazed Carrots with California Walnuts

Make the sides the star of the show with these Cajun Glazed Carrots – roasted with California Walnuts for extra crunch and added flavour. This recipe uses baby topped carrots, but you can also use chantenay carrots or wedges of parsnips instead.


California Walnut & Strawberry Pavlova

For a break from the chocolate, why not whip up this irresistibly tasty California Walnut & Strawberry Pavlova for dessert. In need of a smaller pud, try making 6-8 individual pavlovas instead of a large one and top with a selection of fruits of your choice.