#SimplyCracked Holiday Inspiration: America

We’ve already shared lots of great new recipes and interesting facts from UK’s favourite holiday destinations to get you in the summer mood and last, but definitely not least, on our list is America!

Some facts about America you might not know …

  • The Dutch settlers who first arrived in the place now known as New York named it New Amsterdam. The name ‘New York’ only replaced it in the 17th Century when it was captured by the English.
  • The 50-star flag was designed by a 17-year old as part of a high school project which he was first graded a B on!
  • You can get a unicorn hunting license from Michigan’s Lake Superior State University.

When it comes to American food, did you know that …

  • More than 99% of the walnuts in the US are grown in California’s Central Valley and California Walnuts supply two-thirds of the world’s walnut trade!
  • According to the Washington Post, people in the USA love pizza so much that about 100 acres of pizza is eaten every day.
  • American cheese is not American: processed cheese is thought of as an American product, but it was actually invented in Switzerland in 1911 to lengthen cheese’s shelf-life.

Now obviously our favourite state is California, but for our US Inspired recipe we’re heading to Florida – and adding a Californian touch to one of its classic desserts… Key Lime Pie, which is considered the official pie of Florida Keys! So take your taste buds there this weekend with this delicious American Key Lime Pie which is creamy, crunchy and a celebration of American food as well as the humble walnut!