The main attraction of Paris and all of Europe is the Eiffel tower in the rays of the setting sun on the bank of Seine river with cruise tourist ships

#SimplyCracked Holiday Inspiration: France

To help get you ready for the fast-approaching summer season, we are sharing some great recipes as well as interesting facts from some of the top holiday destinations visited from the UK.

We visited Spain in our previous blog, and now we’re crossing the border into France for more cultural and food facts that you may or may not know …

Let’s start with the foodie facts… Did you know that …

  • Turning a baguette upside down can cause bad luck. This legend dates all the way back to the Middle Ages.
  • The city of Paris has its own mushroom (although it’s not actually from Paris and can be found across Europe and North America). It is referred to as “Champignon de Paris”.
  • On Epiphany (the celebration of the arrival of the Three Wise Men) French people eat a cake called “Galette des Rois”: a flat pastry cake with a sweet filling. Traditionally a small ceramic figure, bean or coin is hidden inside the cake. Whoever finds it is crowned King or Queen for the day. Now that’s a royal treat!

Other fun facts about France you may not know ….

  • France was the first country in the world to ban supermarkets from throwing away food in 2016. Stores must now donate surplus groceries to food banks and charities.
  • France once had a king whose reign only lasted 20 minutes (Louis XIX)
  • The French flag is known as the “Le drapeau tricolore” as it has three equal vertical bands of blue, white, and red.

Now you’re in a French mood, why not enjoy our new French Smoked Sausage & Walnut Cassoulet recipe to bring that taste of France to your dinner table tonight!