Walnuts are power houses of goodness that are packed full of nutritional benefits.

They even have an approved health claim relating to CVD[1] and have the heart healthy seal of approval from Heart UK.

5 reasons to choose California Walnuts

Here are five reasons why everyone should all grab a bag of California Walnuts and enjoy a healthy handful each day.

1. Packed with omega 3 to support your heart

2. Full of fibre

3. Packed with protein

4. Brain function

5. Gut health supporting

Five tasty ways to enjoy California Walnuts

We’re serving up some delicious ways to enjoy California Walnuts – all of which are super simple to make at home too!

Gremolata, California Walnut & Pepper Dip

Smoked Spiced California Walnuts

California Walnuts Muhammara Dip

Cinnamon & Maple California Walnuts

Strawberry, California Walnut & Date Smoothie

Where should you keep your walnuts?

California Walnuts are known for their mild sweetness and light colour -and so it’s important to keep them in the right place to enjoy them at their best. And that means keeping them cool in the fridge or even the freezer!

If you buy walnuts in sealed packaging, you can store the walnuts in their original packaging in the cupboard. However, once you open the bag, transfer the walnuts to an airtight container and place in the fridge or freezer to maximise the fresh taste and quality.

The Muhammara Dip was developed for us by our friends at Sorted Food who were inspired following their visit to our California Walnut orchards. Watch to see what else they discovered on their trip…

[1] https://www.efsa.europa.eu/en/efsajournal/pub/2074