Pancake Recipes You’ll Go Nuts for

When is Pancake Day 2023?

This year Pancake Day, or Shrove Tuesday to give it its proper name, takes place in the UK on 21 February.

Some cracking ideas for enjoying pancakes

Whatever pancake toppings you like, make sure you’re not missing out on an essential one – California Walnuts!

With a mild, smooth and creamy taste, walnuts will bring new and exciting flavours to pancakes, as well as a delicious crunch!

We have three delicious pancake recipes with walnuts for you to try out this Pancake Day, catering for fans of both a thicker American-Style pancake, or the thinner crepe style.

We think they’re all flipping great – but which one will be your new favourite?

Click below for the recipes and make sure you get #PancakeDayCracked

California Walnut Pancakes with Griddled Pancakes

California Walnut Pancakes with Maple Walnut Butter

California Walnut, Banana & Carrot Pancakes