Table with view a wonderful view over the river in Porto, Portugal.

#SimplyCracked Holiday Inspiration: Portugal

The summer season will soon be upon us and to help get you ready, we are sharing some great recipes and interesting facts from some of the top destinations loved by UK holiday goers

We’ve already visited France and Spain, so now we’re heading to Portugal for more culture and great food,

Here’s some fun facts about Portugal you may not know ….

  • Portugal is home to the world’s largest cork forest and is the world’s largest cork producer
  • Portugal is known as the country of tiles. Decorative tiles are commonly used to decorate walls and floors.
  • Portugal is home to the oldest book shop in the world: Bertrand Books. It was built in 1732.

As well as some foodie facts,

  • One Portuguese town made the world’s largest omelette, That’s right,on 11 August 2012 a group of locals in Santerém used 145,000 eggs, 400 kilograms of oil and 100 kilograms of butter to make a 6,466-kilogram omelette. That’s a lot of omelette!
  • Port Wine is Portugal´s most famous export and its national drink. Port wine grapes are only grown on the hillside of the Douro Valley, which is one of the world’s oldest wine-producing regions and UNESCO World Heritage site.
  • The most famous dessert in Portugal is the Pastéis de nata (or custard tart). It was first created by monks who had egg yolks left over after using the whites for starch.

And speaking of Pastéis de nata, why not give our new Quick Portuguese Style Custard Tarts recipe a try to bring that taste of Portugal to your desserts tonight!