Five easy recipes to enjoy this summer

Summer is the ideal time to try out new flavour combinations and add fresh recipes to your repertoire. The mild and creamy flavour of California Walnuts means they can be used in a whole host of sweet and savoury dishes.

Why not start the day the walnut way with our Summer Fruit, California Walnut and Muesli Tumble, or go nuts over our Balsamic Strawberry, California Walnut and Rocket Salad. When it comes to dessert, we’ve got two tempting choices for you: California Walnut and Strawberry Pavlova, or Califonia Walnut Panna Cotta. And if you fancy a dip this summer, we’ve got a recipe for that too.

Summer Fruit, California Walnut & Muesli Tumble

This refreshing breakfast of summer fruits, California Walnuts and muesli is the ideal way to start the day, especially in the warmer summer months. We’ve used lemon yogurt but why not experiment with other flavours too or simply go for plain.

Gremolata, California Walnut & Pepper Dip

For a quick and easy snack, rustle up our Gremolata, Walnut & Pepper Dip and enjoy with a selection of crudites and pitta bread slices. For a creamier option, try swapping half the cottage cheese for cream cheese.

Balsamic Strawberry, California Walnuts & Rocket Salad

Add some crunch and summertime flavours to your salads with this Balsamic Strawberry, California Walnut & Rocket Salad. Quick and easy to make, you’ll have summer on a plate in no time.

California Walnut Panna Cotta

An ideal summer dessert, this Panna Cotta is fresh, light and deliciously tasty! If you don’t have individual moulds, simply make one large pudding. Also great served with stewed fruits instead of the berries.

California Walnut & Strawberry Pavlova

Another summer favourite for dessert is our California Walnut & Strawberry Pavlova! The walnuts add extra crunch and flavour and work wonderfully with all summer fruits. Perfect enjoyed in the sunshine.