Orzo Salad5 Seasonal Recipes To Make This Autumn

Summer may be over, but all is not lost as now’s the perfect time to enjoy the delicious autumnal flavours of pumpkin, butternut squash, figs, plums and walnuts. We know walnuts are readily available all year round but did you know…

  • California Walnut harvesting is in full flow in the autumn where fresh nuts fall naturally to the orchard floor or are mechanically shaken from the trees. After which they are taken to a hulling and drying facility where they are given a cleansing bath before being sorted to be sold as ‘in shell’ or more commonly as walnut kernels, either as halves or as pieces.
  • And another fact before we get to the food! Its best to keep your walnuts in the fridge, due to their high oil content, keeping them refrigerated means they will remain fresh for up to 6 months. You can freeze them too for up to a year!

Back to the food… so whether it’s a breakfast on the go, a hearty meal to warm you up, or a warming pudding, we’ve rounded up our favourite autumnal dishes (all using California Walnuts of course!) Bursting with colour and flavour we hope these recipes inspire you next time you’re busy in the kitchen.

California Walnut, Fig and Berry Chia Pot

This creamy chia pudding combines the flavours of fig, walnuts and berries for a beautiful breakfast that will set you up for the day ahead. Prep the night before for a quick and easy brekkie option.

Pumpkin, Sage and California Walnut Open Lasagne

With crunchy California Walnuts, creamy mascarpone and feta, and fragrant sage, this open lasagne is a modern twist on a classic, that will bring an array of autumnal flavours to your plate.

Orzo with Roasted Squash, California Walnuts and Sun-Dried Tomatoes

Why not give pasta night a twist, with this orzo that includes one of our seasonal favourites, roasted squash. This colourful dish is super satisfying and can be made with chorizo roasted with the squash too.

Pork, Apple and California Walnut Casserole

With the nights getting cooler, a comforting bowl of casserole is a sure-fire winner after a long day. This hearty casserole brings together the delicious flavours of pork and apple, with the added texture of California Walnuts. Great served with rice or mashed potato.

Plum, Pear and California Walnut Crumble

Plums and pears are a plenty in this scrumptious crumble. The California Walnuts give this crumble topping added crunch and is the perfect dessert for those cosy autumn evenings.

Remember when out shopping for your walnuts look for California Walnuts or ‘Walnuts from the USA’ on the label – they are light in colour and have a sweet, mild, creamy taste.