Get #ChristmasCracked

Walnuts and Christmas go together like Christmas Pudding and Brandy Butter – no Christmas is complete without a bowl of walnuts and a nutcracker on hand ready to crack them open and enjoy!

But this is by far not the only way to use California Walnuts this festive season! The unique taste and texture, makes California Walnuts a supremely versatile ingredient and means they can do so much when it comes to Christmas cooking. Incorporating them into seasonal starters, sharers, mains and desserts will add crunch, sweetness, colour, texture and more. A perfect way to get #ChristmasCracked.

From indulgent festive bakes such as California Walnuts & Cherry Yule Log, California Walnut Panettone Bread & Butter Pudding and California Walnuts & Cranberry Pie, to Christmas classics like California Walnuts Nut Loaf, Baked Figs with California Walnuts & Camembert and California Walnuts & Chestnut Sausage Rolls, or lighter options like California Walnuts Superfood Christmas Salad and California Walnuts Winter Slaw, we’ve put together a festive feast of simple recipes with California Walnuts.

So stock up on California Walnuts this Christmas to be sure of having #ChristmasCracked.