#ChristmasCracked…with a little help from our friends

The festive season is well and truly underway and what better way to celebrate this special time of year than with lots of delicious food to enjoy with family and friends.

Walnuts are a firm favourite at Christmas, but do you know just how versatile they are and how easy it is to incorporate the nutritious nut into breakfasts, main meals through to desserts?

By adding just a handful of walnuts to your Christmas cooking will add flavour, crunch, sweetness and more, so to ensure you don’t run out of ideas over the holiday season, we’ve asked some of our friends – Dr. Megan Rossi, Becky Excell, Luce Hosier and Charley’s Health – to create some new festive dishes all using, of course, California Walnuts!

From Mince Pie Brownies and Self-Saucing Puddings, to simple ways to use a handful of walnuts in your Cauliflower Cheese or roast potatoes, check out their tasty ideas to be sure of having #ChristmasCracked.

For the full recipes please visit the links below:

Vegan Mince Pie Brownies by Luce Hosier

Walnut, Cinnamon and Apple Porridge by Luce Hosier

Walnut Cauliflower Cheese by Luce Hosier

Walnut, Cinnamon and Chocolate Chunk Banana Bread – Charley’s Health

Vegan Creamy Walnut Cheesy Pasta by Charley’s Health

Self-saucing Chocolate Pudding with Salted Caramel and Ice Cream by Becky Excell

Walnut Pesto Roasted Potatoes and Parsnips by Dr. Megan Rossi