Heart healthy recipes

As the only tree nut to contain a significant amount of the plant-based omega-3, alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), 2.7g/ 30g and 1.4g of fibre[1], California Walnuts are a great heart healthy food*. Their mild and creamy flavour means they can be used to add taste and texture to a variety of dishes.

Omega 3 ALA contributes to the maintenance of normal blood cholesterol levels[2] and research has also shown it to have a beneficial role in the prevention of heart disease and strokes[3]. EFSA has approved the health claim that a handful of walnuts a day (30g) can have a positive effect on the elasticity of the blood vessels helping to keep the cardiovascular system healthy.[4]

And including them in dishes and at mealtimes is a simple and tasty way to reap their unique benefits.

From juicy Walnut Muesli Baked Nectarines to a super Miso Walnut & Chicken Stir Fry and a tasty Tea Loaf, take your pick from the heart healthy recipes below. California Walnuts also have the heart-healthy seal of approval from the heart health charity, HEART UK.

*as part of a healthy balanced diet and lifestyle


Walnut Muesli Baked Nectarines

Make breakfasts more exciting with these baked nectarines topped with walnut muesli. You can also swap the raisins for other dried fruit such as apricots, sultanas or dates if preferred.

Strawberry, Walnut & Date Smoothie

Great for on-the-go breakfasts, or after a workout, this smoothie can be whizzed up in no time. Try adding raspberries or blueberries instead of strawberries or pitted dates instead of prunes.

Aubergine & Walnut Parmigiano

This dish is great served with salad and crusty bread. Make in advance and simply cook when needed.

Miso Walnut & Chicken Stir Fry

A quick dinner option that can be ready in just 10 minutes. Great served with rice or noodles, this dish works well with pork fillet too.

Baked Walnut, Tuna & Breadcrumb Balls with Tartare Dip

These walnut, tuna and breadcrumb balls are perfect for picnics or a light lunch option. Like it hot? Try adding a pinch of chilli flakes to the dip for an extra kick.

Walnut Tea Loaf

Sit back and relax for afternoon teatime with this tasty walnut tea loaf. Any flavour tea bag will work just as well.

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