Five Ways with California Walnut Chilli ‘non’ Carne

Are you looking to take a ‘crack’ at going plant-based, trying to reduce your meat intake, or simply searching for more meal ideas? If so our Chilli California Walnut Mince is the perfect starting point.

Not only does the chilli take just 15 minutes to make, it costs less than £1 per portion to whip up a batch.  It’s made with juicy mushrooms, garlic, tinned tomatoes and beans, a variety of fragrant herbs and spices, and, of course, plenty of California Walnuts, grounded into the perfect minced meat substitute.

The fun part is deciding how to serve it! Delicious served on its own with rice, here are another five ideas for mixing things up:

Why not serve up these Chilli California Walnut Jackets – the perfect comfort food for a cold evening

If you’ve got lots of mouths to feed then you can’t go wrong with this Chilli California Walnut Pasta Bake – everyone will be digging in, in no time

If you fancy Mexican night then why not try our twist on the traditional burrito – Chilli California Walnut, Rice and Avocado Burrito


Or, sticking with the Mexican theme, serve up these tempting Chilli California Walnut Nachos for everyone to share


And finally, we’ve got an exciting Chilli California Walnut Stir Fry recipe that transforms the plant-based chilli into a completely different cuisine and shows how versatile this California Walnut mince really can be.

So why not give some of these fantastic ways to enjoy our Chilli California Walnut Mince a go – trust us you won’t be disappointed!

And which ever dish you go for, you can be sure you’re getting some essential nutrients. A healthy handful of California Walnuts is a rich source of omega-3 ALA and a source of protein (2/7g / 30g).