7 ways to picnic with California Walnuts

Summer is the ideal time to try out new flavour combinations, and, while the weather may not always be on our side, a picnic is a great way to enjoy food with family and friends. Here are a selection of tasty sweet and savoury ideas using California Walnuts to help make the perfect picnic spread.

  1. Walnut & Goats Cheese Palmiers 

  2. Cheese, Leek & Walnut Flapjacks

  3. Gremolta, Walnut & Pepper Dip

  4. Walnut & Cherry Florentines 

  5. Walnut & Mixed Fruit Chocolate Drops

  6. Walnut & Seed Crackers

  7. Walnut and Cheese Tear ‘n’ Share Scones 



And dont’t forget California Walnuts make an ideal snack, all on their own. A 30g handul is all you need each day to get the benefits of California Walnuts.