7 ways with California Walnuts

Looking for some new tasty ways to incorporate California Walnuts into your weekly menu?

Why not start the day with a Mushroom, Walnut and Tomato Hash with Eggs or rustle up some Moroccan Minced Walnut Flatbreads for lunch or end the day with a delicious Walnut Panna Cotta.

Here’s 7 brand new recipe ideas using California Walnuts that are sure to tempt your tastebuds!


Mushroom, Walnut & Tomato Hash with Eggs

Start the day the walnut way with this Mushroom, Walnut & Tomato Hash with Eggs. Great served with chilli sauce for an extra kick, or if you’re looking for a non-plant based version, add chopped bacon.

Moroccan Minced Walnut Flatbreads

Add a taste of Morocco to your plate with our Moroccan Minced Walnut Flatbreads. Quick and easy to make, this dish is perfect for a tasty speedy lunch.

Mushroom & Walnut Orzetto

This Mushroom & Walnut Orzetto is a simple dinner option that’s full of flavour. Try adding some blue cheese at the end of cooking or sprinkle with Parmesan for a non-plant based option.

Walnut Panna Cotta

An ideal summer dessert, this Walnut Panna Cotta is fresh, light and deliciously tasty! If you don’t have individual moulds simply make one large panna cotta. Also great served with stewed fruits instead of the berries.

Sweetcorn, Mango & Walnut Salsa

This Sweetcorn, Mango & Walnut Salsa is a refreshing addition to barbecues with burgers or with fried halloumi slices.

Gremolata, Walnut & Pepper Dip

For a quick and easy snack, rustle up our Gremolata, Walnut & Pepper Dip and enjoy with a selection of crudites and pitta bread slices. For a creamier option, try swapping half the cottage cheese for cream cheese.

Walnut & Cherry Florentines

These Walnut & Cherry Florentines are ideal for a mid-afternoon snack or buffets. These bite sized treats can also be made with dark or milk chocolate instead of white chocolate.