7 more mouth-watering ways with California Walnuts

To continue with our ‘7 ways with’ theme, we’ve developed yet more recipe ideas for using California Walnuts, that are sure to tempt you to incorporate walnuts into your weekly menu. Our latest 7 creations include a Smoky Walnut Beans on Toast for breakfast, an Onion and Walnut Tart Tatin for lunch and a meatless Walnut, Aubergine and Mushroom Keema Curry for dinner.

Take a look at our newest recipes below for some walnut inspiration.


Smoky Walnut & Beans on Toast

We’ve given beans on toast a California Walnut twist with our version with Smoky Walnuts and Beans on Toast. Like it hot? Try using smoked paprika for an extra kick.

Onion & Walnut Tart Tatin

Ideal for lunch or dinner, this Onion and Walnut Tart Tatin is full of flavour and great served with a side salad. If you follow a vegetarian diet, then simply omit the cheese.

Walnut, Aubergine & Mushroom Keema Curry

The taste, texture and nutritional benefits of California Walnuts make them a great plant-based meat substitute in many of your favourite meals, including curries. Why not try it in this meatless Walnut and Aubergine and Mushroom Keema Curry.

Walnut Panna Cotta

An ideal summer dessert, this Walnut Panna Cotta is fresh, light and deliciously tasty! If you don’t have individual moulds simply make one large panna cotta. Also great served with stewed fruits instead of the berries.

Walnut & Sweet Potato Miso Mash

Give your sides an omega-3 boost with the addition of walnuts in this Walnut and Sweet Potato Miso Mash. Simple to make and super tasty!

Walnut & Mixed Fruit Chocolate Drops

Perfect for taking on picnics or for a mid-afternoon snack, these Walnut and Mixed Fruit Chocolate Drops are super easy to make. Try any combination of dried fruit or use dark chocolate instead.

Sticky Toffee & Walnut Cake

Deliciously moreish, it will be hard to stop at just one slice of this Sticky Toffee and Walnut Cake. Great served warm with ice cream.